CEC wakeup not working as intended on Odroid C4

I recently upgraded from an Odroid C2 to an Odroid C4 to finally make use of the 4k/hdr capabilities of my Sony Bravia XD9305. This is all working very well and worth the upgrade.

However the CEC functionalities are different compared to the C2. The C4 has dedicated CEC settings available and now boots and shuts down whenever I start my tv or put it in stand by. Now the tv is mostly used for watching, you guessed it, tv.

The problem is that when I start up the tv to watch tv, the Odroid C4 also starts booting up. Then when I’m already watching TV and the C4 has finished booting it will request attention from the Tv and switch sources to the C4 and thus interrupt me watching TV. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

With the C2 it would not boot and shutdown when the same was done with the TV. So I had a timer setup for shutdown and it would only boot when I switched sources to the Odroid device. I liked this behavior more.

I tried all the different settings in the CEC menu but nothing seemed to change. Also I had to disable the ‘auto wake up’ setting for the booting and shutdown of the device through CEC to work. Another bug I noticed that it’s not possible to disable CEC wakeup completely (this is what is the least intrusive for now). After disabling the option and booting manually, the option is activated again on its own.

I would appreciate all the help. Also if any more data is needed ill do my best to provide it.

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