CEemmc tool Bqeel Y8 MAX dualboot

My latest device is a Bqeel Y8 MAX with 4/64 GB
The Bqeel Y8 Max U214 S905x3 Is based off the H96 Max X3 Series
Bqeel y8 firmware is a full copy of Vontar X3 and HK1 BOX

I would like to install CE to the internal storage with ceemmc tool.
Android should not be deleted -> dualboot.
The device has 64 GB internal storage. Is it possible to tell the tool to take 32GB of it ?

No, the tool take the amount of Android data partition (maybe ~54GB) and the partition is shared with Android in dual mode installation.

Ah - thanks for this information.
Didn´t know that data partition is shared.
I thought it would take amount x from the data partition.

Well - so I only need a backup and sledgehammer in case of " I tried - but …" :joy: