Change Buffer Size

Hi, it is possible to enlarge the buffer size? My Hdd’s are parking at pause. but it takes a little time to get back online. So the stream hangs and laggs after press play, when the buffer runs out.


You can use all kodi advancedsettings.xml features
May be somebody has better configs, but also read link above


Ah ok thanks, i never use this xml file, i can copy it via putty? I have ca 1,6gb RAM free so i dount think its a Problem to change the Buffer/cache from default to 200mb or? its real only 20mb in default?! My plan is, if the buffer is bigger after pause the stream runs so long over the buffer so the hdd have time to start from sleepmode, whitout a lagg.

Putty should work, but you can copy it using the SMB share too.
And yes, there’s no problem increasing the buffer size to a few hundred MBs.


You can copy it via smb network \\ip\Userdata or via putty /storage/.kodi/userdata/
I use 157286400 value and it’s enough for my 3gb box. You can test your values

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Thank you two very mutch. I test it.


After a long time i have found the time to make this XML. I Use WinSCP for the File Transfer because putty is to copmplicate for me :wink:

My Question is, how i can see/proof that the cache is now higher?



Keyboard Ctrl shift O

Thx yes it works, but im not sure the Buffer runs right. I Look a X265 4K Movie, the RAM shows at play 520MB after Stop the RAM is at 180MB. The question is how many space the player needs. But the 384MB Cache over the advanced setting must be take more RAM or? Hmm i will try a higher sum and take again a look at the same stream, what the RAM shows after this :wink:

Thx and i post a result later.


Update: Wow many thanks, it runs. After i change from 384MB to 512MB Buffersize in the XML i reboot the box. The same Stream at the same timestamp the RAM grow up to 800MB.

I think this is ok so, im not extend the Buffersize over 512MB. Next i will test now i not need the X265/4K resume Workaround anymore. I set it on some days ago, after a 4k x265 movie runs out of sync.

Wht im not real understand is, why Kodi Standard Buffer is 20MB?! This is to smal.

Dont´t think so.
I never changed the standard buffer size

fexs. i run my box on a 4 Bay HDDbox, if i press pause after a time the HDD goes in sleep, if i start the Stream it runs short and hang, sometimes the Audio gone out of sync too. So i think if you use a bigger cache, the HDD have the time to restart without a lag of the stream :wink: and ofc 20MB is a Joke by x265 UHD Movies.

this is the mainreason why i chance the buffsize.


Why ?
I never had a lag playing UHD files.
KODI devs are no stupid, there must be a reason to set this standard cache size

I recently experienced lagging on music playback which was solved by increasing the buffer size.


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nice to know Shoog, i have sometimes before the same prob if i play music.

Tim okay but i have a S905X Box with 2GB RAM, mostly the RAM is empty, so why not use it to power up the buffer? and if it bring some better performence why not :wink:
sofar all runs exelent now.


Sorry for reviving such an old topic, but I came across this while troubleshooting buffering with a 905x3 box.

I have most of my UHD content in BDMV format, and it seems that the buffer settings do not work when playing back that way (cache does not fill). If I navigate directly to the m2ts stream though, the buffering works just fine - so any idea how to get it working with a BDMV file?