Change the boot order?


I have a S905W box that has CoreElec installed to internal eMMC. It works just fine. However, I found that it no longer boots from sd card as a priority and basically ignore that there is an sd card and boots directly from eMMC. Is there a howto guide on how to change the boot priority on the box, at least temporarily for me to see if the new image on the sd card works ok?

I know I need to change some file in the /boot folder, but I didn’t want to mess around with it ignorantly in case the box stopped booting altogether.


It shouldn’t be doing this, if it is then you need to hold the reset button either on the bottom of the device or inside the AV port with the power off and then plug power in whilst holding this button.

It should then boot from SD and continue to do unless there is something wrong with your SD.

You are right. But, there must be some permanent solution, some boot order modification, here… Anyone? Thank you.

This isn’t really a PC, there’s no practical way of doing it.
If you get an Odroid N2, you can use the petitboot option.

Hello, @TheCoolest, thank you for your reply.

In fact I have to say, it is a kind of PC. (As well as smartphones or Android TVs.) It has got its HW, it has got its OS:

A4Ninka:~ # hostnamectl
   Static hostname: A4Ninka
         Icon name: computer
        Machine ID: [DELETED]
           Boot ID: [DELETED]
  Operating System: CoreELEC (official): 9.2.2
            Kernel: Linux 3.14.29
      Architecture: arm64

There is, perhaps, some inaccuracy between HW and SW…

What I mean is it doesn’t have the same facilities you would expect an actual x86 PC to have.
There is no BIOS, therefore, you’d need a custom bootloader to allow what you are looking for.
It’s not possible to create a generic enough custom bootloader that will work with every box out there.

Again, if you want to be able to select the boot device, get an Odroid N2 and use petitboot.