Changed SMB servers, now movie indexes appear confused. Can it be fixed, or do I need to re-install?

First, I sincerely apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. If this is problem with something other than CoreELEC, just tell me and I’ll try to ask on the appropriate forum.

I’m running CoreELEC 9.2.8 on an ODroid N2+. It’s been running just fine for close to two years, but I recently moved my movie archive from one FreeNAS box to a new TrueNAS box, both sharing to the ODroid box via SMB.

That move has gone mostly OK - I can still play movies and shows - but something is definitely wrong, apparently with the indexes I’m guessing. Here are the concrete problems:

  • The box now thinks movies that are several years old are new, and puts them at the top of recently added, as well as at the top of Sort By: Date added. The specific movies it thinks are new change every day it seems, and it marks a new few dozen as changed each day I power it on to use it (12/25/2021 for example).

  • The box confuses movies with each other, at least as it is tracking progress in a movie, or which movie is being played. When I pause I’ll see another movie title than the one I started, and sometimes when I get back into gallery view I’ll see TWO movies as having the same progress, one the movie I’m actually watching, and the other the movie it is confused about and brings up the title for when I pause.

I thought I did my best to clear out references to the old server shares when I introduced the new ones, but I feel like the indexes are still snarled or something.

Can this be fixed? Happy to do all kinds of command line shenanigans if necessary.

Or do I need to just reinstall? If I do, should I move to CoreELEC 19.3-Matrix? If I do, should I do an Update or a New Installation, if I’m hoping to shake these possible index issues?

I’m not in a huge rush on this. I would love to keep as much of my config as I can - it’s just tedious to twiddle with all those menus - but I will start over if I have to.

If you have problems with the video library then (1) delete /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideosxxx.db, (2) restart Kodi, and (3) scan your video library again.

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