Cheap Amlogic boxes - unpleasant future

If the news are true, things are going to be more complicated for those willing to buy cheap and faulty android boxes. Avoid shady vendors and cheap bait!

Freaktab closing down!

Fully agree with your statement of bying cheap boxes.

Nervertheless, for Freaktab, there is some hope left…

Voids are often filled, so even if Freaktab were to suddenly close (which I doubt was ever actually going to happen anyway) another similar site might take it’s place, or others such as XDA would become more popular for the box enthusiast.

The site state that one of the apparent reasons for closure was dropping number of daily users, which would indicate that interest would have waned based upon this alone.

Main advertisers have been largely absent for a long time now, with one of them reportedly in financial trouble and so advertisement revenue seems to have dropped significantly.

So announcing closure is more likely, IMO to be a clever strategy to bring in more revenue because manufacturers and resellers know that FT does help their own sales and so their marketing execs might open up their wallets to keep thigs alive, hence the very quick turnaround of thought for closure.

I await the fireworks display of sudden reprieve at 2 seconds to midnight once the right colour wire is cut and the world is saved.

It is a site full of useful information, reviews, guides and custom firmware resources and so destined to live on in some form or another.

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5 days and no change, just some statements and promises…

Confirmation FT remains online

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