Chrome for Android is Finally Going 64-bit

I read today on : Chrome for Android is Finally Going 64-bit
Does this imply development can now migrate to a 64bit ARM widevine DRM to be used for e.g. Netflix? Sorry if one has nothing to do with other…

And what would be the advantage?

The advantage could be a 64bit CoreELEC and perhaps some specific code in CoreELEC takes advantage of the, after all, available 64bit. One disadvantage could be: one needs a bit more memory. Should 64bit have no advantages, I guess no 64bit machines would have ever been made.

It doesn’t really matter. You can easily use 4G Ram and more. Pure 64bit builds are actually using a bit more memory. There are no advantages only disadvantages. You could also not use some of the emulators that are not available for arm64.

You obviously don’t understand how capitalism works :wink:

Do you mean to say CoreELEC should rather be 16bit ? :upside_down_face:

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CoreELEC is 32-bit userspace on top of a 64-bit kernel, main reasons for this are superior compatibility, specifically with binary addons and the lack of a noticeable performance improvement. In addition 64-bit software will most definitely consume more system memory, although I don’t see it as a serious downside.

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