Cloning devices

Hi, i bought Vorke Z6 Plus, CE installed to internal memory, Everything works just fine. But settings of Kodi with all its add-ons and movie scraping took more than 2 days. I want to buy another same device (Vorke Z6), so my question: Is there any possibility to easily clone device to another (with all its settings)? I need somehow to download whole system from internal memory to SD card. Please help. Couldn’t find anything.

Yes. Copy everything from /storage from one device to another after installing the same CE version on the new device. All settings and userdata are stored in /storage.

With the original device, create a backup, from Coreelec, system, backup (browse to backup)

Then copy the tar file from the update folder, I use Core FTP lite.

Create a new image of Coreelec to the new device

Then copy the tar file that you backed up, to the new device, update folder, then Coreelec,system,restore

I don’t wanna be rude but i think it’s better to copy your backup to the backup folder instead the .update folder. and then do your restore.

Or you could write the backup file directly into a network share. Then you don’t need to copy it back and forth.

Make certain that the version of CE that you back up is exactly the same as the version of CE you perform a clean install with on your new box. You are only backing up your system data and not the installed system itself and mixing up backups for different versions of data and system is prone to cause trouble.


.restore folder will also work fine (the restore process copies the backup file to that folder and then reboots) - never tried the .update folder so can’t comment on that one.

In what format should the backup file be? Is it the one created by coreelec configuration program or can we create one manually?

Typo, should be backup folder. I wouldn’t try directly to network myself

Yes, that’s the one

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