Colored artiffacts on interlaced videos -S905

This is known problem on Amlogic and it’s caused by deinterlacing which has some bugs. Older LibreElec builds by wrxtasy had option “Disable postprocessing” and it solves that (but also causes a bit worse image quality).

Now on CoreElec I am forced to completly disable deintrlacing and this really confusing. Can you bring “Enable postprocessing” option to CoreElec? This is not very often, but sometimes I am getting this bug, which is a bit annoying. And I don’t want to completly disable deintrlacing, because it will dramatically reduce image quality

When you enable “disable deinterlacing” option on CoreELEC, it only disables deinterlacing on h264 1080i content and not all content, if you enable this option then it should resolve your problem.

No, it won’t because colored artiffacts are on 1080i/h264. They won’t be deinterlaced anymore and they will look very ugly. Option I mentioned does something different - videos are still deinterlaced, but no more colored artiffacts. Deinterlacing seems to be a bit worse, but it still works. This is huge difference.

Try doing this on console whilst you are playing a video.

echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_hd

This is what wrxtasy is doing in his builds.

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No need to reboot? On his build, that option is described I need to reboot to apply. Anyway, can you also include this in Kodi settings?

No, the change is immediate.

Can you try it first and see if it resolves your issue?

Yes, will do and report here. Thanks for tip.

@anon88919003 - it works. But I need to restart playback to see changes.

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Then it would be good to include this again as an option :slight_smile:

I will look at implementing this.

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@boot2k3 also suggested this:

echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_pre

It seems to be working too, without image shaking issue. However, it’s hard to test, because effect is rare and random.

I tested it, bypass_pre doesn’t solve an issue. So no reason to use it.
bypass_post also solves an issue but works in the similar way as bypass_hd but not only for hd.
And in all cases still visible shacking static image

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Ok. So we know what to do.

@anon88919003 - possible to add this option to video settings osd options? And make it to be saved for each movie separately and most important for each tv channel, like other video settings.

This could be useful, because I am getting colored picture only for some videos and only for some tv channels, so it could be the best to auto apply workaround only for problematic video/channel, not for all videos.

Yes it’s possible but changing the database structure has caused us problems in the past when Team Kodi have made changes upstream that we have then pulled.

Is there a problem with having this option permanently active?

Well, not recommend if not needed, because of imege shaking on the rest 1080i/h264 videos.

@giaur500, as a workaround for fast parameter value change you can make a script and assign it to any remote button for example and use it before switching to such type of channels.