Colour space full by default?

Hi, I just clean installed Coreelec and realised that there is colour over saturation.

Coreelec is supposed to be used mainly for video so why is colour space (0-255) by default?

I can’t change by GUI colour space at Librelec but I think it is 16-235 fixed.

I setted up Coreelec for limited colour space 16-235 and my Sony TV to “normal” colour space and I’m not sure if those are best settings for video playback. I have two SD cards one with Librelec and another with Coreelec and seems that are not completely matched with this :frowning:

Of course Colour space depth is 444 8 bits

Can anyone help me matching colour perception to Librelec to Coreelec?


Set GUI to 1080P. Or try 444,8bit, then reboot the box.

Thank you man, but GUI is allready 1080p and 444 8 bits.
I don’t know what exactly is but I think Librelec performs better colours for me so I need help trying to match this with Coreelec

LibreELEC uses a different kernel than CoreELEC, that is probably where the difference stems from.
What is wrong exactly with your specific configuration, I’m not sure.
You could try playing with different configs in the System -> CoreELEC menu.

Will try options, but what about Space depth of 422 8 bits? its possible?

I don’t remember how can be output advanced video settings during Kodi playbak, that way we can see used colour space and depth, i think


420 and 422 are currently broken.
Until that is fixed we can’t really use those chroma settings.
I managed to get 420 working with 4K HDR video, but it probably won’t work for anything other than that.

Ok thank you!!! don’t worry. Currently my TV set is 8 years old Sony Full HD.

I think chroma differences from Libreelec can be because lack of 420 and 422 but not very noticeable. Goal is maintain chroma settings untouched but no possible by now