Compiling github please help

Hello. I am completely new but I would like to advise you how to make an add-on for my odroid n2 … I have a source for github which I have slightly modified and I just need to test one for the Kodi PVR add-on. how do I assemble it? thank you very much

PROJECT=Amlogic-ng ARCH=arm scripts/create_addon

so. I have to download the source code to copy it to the card, perhaps to the downloads folder. log in via SSH and “cd / storage / pvr /” and then run you command?

Start with
then change PKG_VERSION, PKG_SHA256, PKG_URL and build addon.

Hi Peter,

First of all let me pass great thanks to you! I’ve been reading forums and you’re always providing spot on answer and amazing help! Thank you.

This time small question from my side - where to find which project/device/specific detail use for Odroid-n2 to compile it?
Suspicion is that it is:
PROJECT=amlogic-ng ARCH=aarch64 DEVICE=Odroid-N2

But is this correct? I can’t find a doc/file where it would be listed.

What I’m really after is to get latest Docker plugin recompiled, as the one provided by default is relatively old and am running into logs filled by runc/containerd messages and seems like a fix is in latest version already (

For this reason I wanted to give it a shot and compile addon/binaries with patches provided under CoreELEC.

read Docker 19.03.8 compile fails

PROJECT=amlogic-ng ARCH=arm make image