Compressed audio pausing on playback

Hi, I hope you can help. I’m using a Wetek Play 2 with the latest version of Coreelec, and have recently noticed a problem when playing back compressed music (aac or mp3).
I normally play FLAC files, so can’t be sure when the problem started. When I play some compressed music, it randomly paused for a few seconds before continuing from where it stopped. It doesn’t always do it with the same track, or even at the same part in the track. It seems random. It doesn’t do this when playing my FLAC files, and I don’t have a problem playing video.
The track I was playing is The Order of Chaos, and it paused near to the end of the track.

My log file:

My Wetek box is connected by ethernet, via a TP-Link powerline adapter, and the adapter speed isn’t a problem. I initially thought it was the adapter as it is new, but I have connected a Raspberry Pi 3 to it running Libreelec without problem.
My music is stored on a NAS and I use the NFS protocol.

I hope someone can help, short of reinstalling Coreelec I don’t know what else to do.

Update… I’ve just had the same thing happen on the Raspberry Pi connected to the powerline adapter.
I’m thinking it must be the adapter. Previously I used a wifi extender that had an ethernet port, but it failed so I replaced it with powerline.

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