Confused about what DTB to use

Just downloaded the 9.2.7 IMG for an Odroid N2 and put it onto an SD using Rufus. Boots up just fine and works just fine.

I note the DTB is 140K in size but the one I should be using in device_trees g12b_s922x_odroid_n2.dtb is only 67K in size, so they are clearly different.

So which DTB should I be using?


No need to mess around with dtbs on the odroids default is right

I think that the one in image is valid for both N2 & N2+, so you can use any one you choose.

The default DTB with 140k is a multi-DTB, containing both N2 & N2plus dtbs.
You may replace with the dedicated ones, or the DVB versions.
But if it works, no need to change.

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