Confused - updating from 9.2 to Matrix

Hi, I have:

Amlogic S922X
CoreElec 9.2

I am used to just leaving the auto update on but figured it is time to now switch to Kodi Matrix. Can my device support the newer builds?

If so, what is the best way to do this?


Make a fresh install, auto update from CE 9.2 will not work.
A forced update is not recommended.

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Thanks - so what is the best way of doing that? I’ve downloaded the image file for the N2+.

Can I do it from a flash drive?

Will a backup of all my config settings be restorable?

Thank you

By the way I have an eMMC in my N2+

Most certainly will this endeavor fail miserably.

It depends.
Are You able to use SSH and SFTP ?
In my case I made a backup of some config files.
After fresh install on my N2+ eMMC I restored the files.
But I made a fresh install of all Addons.
Don´t try to restore Addons from CE 9.2 to CE 19.x

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Thanks. It’s not a dealbreaker if I can’t restore everything.

I’ve never really used SSH before but I guess I can try. I’m still totally unsure how to actually perform the fresh install. I see that these things are a possibility?

I used the eMMC-microSD cardreader which was selled with the eMMC module.
It´s the same like install on SD card
Download the N2 image named CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.3-Matrix-Odroid_N2.img.gz and burn it to SD or eMMC
Insert eMMC or SD card, power on the N2 and configure.
Thats it.
Took me a few minutes to restore some config files, installing my favorite skin, some addons etc.

Hmm, that’s the problem I don’t have any SD cards. Or a reader. I assume this can’t be done on a USB drive?

I never used any USB pen to install CE.
You have to try.
In the past i cloned my SD installation from SD to eMMC using petitboot, but is was laborious.
Best choice would be to buy a SD card or eMMC-microSD cardreader.
Odroid N2 could´t be bricked like android boxes, so You can try.

In that case it can be done if you use an USB to eMMC adapter like this one. I use it all the time without any problem

Thanks. I’m pretty sure I linked to that earlier in the thread. So I’ll just buy one of those and hope I don’t have the ‘BLACK eMMC’ that it refers to.

Think I’ll go down the SD card route. I don’t want to open up my N2+ and take the eMMC out.

It’s a real shame there is nowhere that sells pre installed Coreelec sd cards. Do I need a :

Micro SDHC? or Micro SDXC?

Micro SDHC vs SDXC: SD Card Difference Explained get one with V30, class 10, A1 or A2.

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Sorry, but it´s not a shame.
Remeber, it´s a DIY system but no rocket science to install CE.
Removing and update the eMMC is very easy.

Well it is a shame for me as I’m clueless! But I understand your point, too much hand-holding and it defeats the object of a DIY system.

OK so I bought a USB card reader and a micro sd card. I have downloaded the 19.3 matrix stable N2+


file straight onto the Micro SD card. I have inserted the microSD card into the little slot on the from. I turn the n2+ off, then back on…and it just boots up version 9. No new installation at all.

Absolutely flummoxed at this stage, the next step is just buying a new N2+ with Coreelec pre-installed because I can’t install the latest Kodi, which seems silly. . Please help. Thanks.

Is it because the image file is just being copied and not burned via a writer?

Put file in Update folder and reboot

Sure ?
You did something wrong, there is no reason to buy a new N2+
What will be next step if CE 20 with KODI nexus will arrive ?
Just buy every time a new N2+ ?

Read some documentation, it´s no rocket science to install CE.

Think about this

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Ok think I’ve done it using win 32 installer. Configuring from scratch so will take a while to get back to pre v19.

Thanks for all your help, and sorry for being such a dumbass.