Copying files using file manager slows to a crawl

Running the latest nightly from SD card but I did have this problem before on the last stable version. I have media stored on an SSD, I want to copy some of it to a USB3 memory stick. Both media are plugged into the rear USB3 ports. The SSD is NTFS, USB stick FAT32.

This is what I did. Using file manager, I selected a directory to copy which contains 3 sub directories, each of which contains 26 video files of varying sizes up to 500MB. I start the copy to the USB stick and it whizzes along nicely at first but slows dramatically and stays slow after a short while. I have tended to give up and reboot when it gets to around 400KB/s. If I decide to transfer files on an individual basis, each file copies quickly but there seems to be a slowing after several have been done although not to the snail’s pace of the directory based approach. Interestingly, this slowdown seems to go away if there’s a short pause before selecting the next file.

I’ve tried to be as accurate in my description as I can be and to define the situation so it can be recreated. My question is can something be done about it in the new kernel or is it something that’s a Kodi limitation?

Posting again to bring this back into view. Has anyone anything to share on this? I’ve tried copying to the USB connected to the front OTG port and that slows to a crawl too.