CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

Thank You! :slight_smile:

In settings is possibility to add unofficial channel for updating. Which adress i could use to do manual update to Matrix?

Please go to Khadas forum and request support how to flash a Android image to the eMMC.

Thanks once more for kind and patient and expert help.
FYI here is thread in case someone is interested

You can just download the .tar image of latest CE19 nightly, put it in .update folder and reboot.

OK. Thank You.

I updated. For now all working fine. As i didnt use any fancy addons i dont see problems. But i noticed a few default addons (i suppose) are deactivated. Should i remove them or just wait for updates?

You can just let them be for the moment and decide in a case by case while detecting some problem while normal using CE. There are some add-ons, like Netflix or Prime that need the new Matrix repos.

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Could I flag up that the Busy Box Keyboard selection in the CoreELEC options needs to display the “long names” for the keyboard types i.e. country, region etc, rather than the short codes its displaying at the moment

No, it uses the original names from the keymap structure:

If you want to change it you might try your luck at LibreELEC:

So far so good.
My box its S905X2: Ugoos X2 Cube. Installed dual boot Android and CE Matrix on eMMC.
80% of time working as transport for LAN music/movie sources in CE.
20% of time working with HBO GO/Prime/Tidal on Android.

In plus:
Music scrapers working much much much better. Now its usable. I dont know its bauce of new Generic scraper or because of pythion 3.

In minus:
I use my TV remote with CEC which is working well.
As i choose shut down command in menu power box hibarnates/suspends. So i cannot shut it down. Of course i cannot wake box up. In ANY of versions of CE (from 9.2.1 stable and nightlies) i couldnt wake up box in CE. Cannot connect ssh or trying WOL.

I cannot turn on BL301. Shows me Error 251. Below inject and update logs. (2.1 KB)

So after update to eMMC all working very well. With these exceptions. Good job! :slight_smile:

Did not find Amlogic image header magic! Error - exit!
Your bootloader is encrypted, no way to inject bl301, no way to solve your wake up issue by CE.
Contact your vendor to provide a fix, thank you.

Thank You for answer! :slight_smile: I feedback to vendor. :slight_smile:

But what about that unabling to turn off using Shutdown command in Power section?

Why you think your device do suspend instead power off? When you have it correctly adjusted at the CEC settings it works as it should.

Kodi Matrix works great with Mecool KI Pro. Everything but WiFi was tested and Matrix works as good or better than Kodi Leia.

I was wondering, is there anywhere I can check out the source code for CoreELEC Matrix versions? It looks like GitHub doesn’t contain any matrix branches? I am trying to debug some of my own code and I’d like to see what has changed from Amlogic to Amlogic-ng update (also Leia to Matrix changes).

Thank you for great work!

Source code will be available when things move past beta testing.


It seems most of my goofy glitchy issues with the Matrix beta were due to trying to import a recovery via CoreELEC. I hope these get settled out when Matrix comes out of beta. Starting from plain scratch it seems to work fine and smoothly on the Odroid N2.

@Portisch Thanks for the links, have the spare time but my programming skills are not up to the task.

in this new version I get the image quality satellite signal levels used in with SAT-IP I only get signal quality on the satellite television channels, on the terrestrial signal no info data television channels, does anyone know if it can be fixed? I have used several Skin and the same. Thank you.

Friendforum, you also doesn’t see it on default Estuary skin? And which PVR addon you are using?

The CEC suspend and wake up option finally works on my box (s905x3)! It never worked before.

It is seen in the skin that it brings by default. I use Skin Estuary MOD and Aeon Nox Glax which give a detailed look. I use Tvheadend Mecool SAT-IP signal to X96 Air. The detail of the satellite signal is fine but the terrestrial signal shows nothing.

Thank you, Great Work