CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

Minix u22. Dunno exactly there is only one. Mine was a Christmas gift from my dear friend @Portisch.

@Portisch can you send me also this device pls?

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it’s the addon and pvr.hts , need to check why this addon crash Kodi

Get in line…

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interesting that not for others. i am sure they use it as well. might be combination with unstable version of tvh?

I just checked your used addon, its a fork from here: mikesilvo164/
When I just install the ZIP: Kodi freeze.

So your issue is solved in my point of view, please contact the addon developer about the issues, thank you.

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well done, one of the most popular skins actually that is included in standard repositories included even in your builds. will continue testing with estuary… thanks

And the line is long :smile:

The only thing I can say is that I use tvh client with matrix in 4 different devices and I have zero problems.

lol, i proved to be a noob. logs do not lie :slight_smile:
@Portisch @Vascobraga thanks for solving this

Just in curiosity: Do the Matrix Nightlies contain the same improvements as the 9.25 nightlies?

Not sure if it has been asked before but are there any fixes for the TrueHD stuttering/dropouts in CoreELEC 19 or is this still dependent on the Kodi/ffmpeg issue?

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Hi, i have Beelink GT1 mini. Instalation on sd card ok. USB 2.0 port not working.

Ok., thank you!

Does anyone have any comments regarding this one? It seems to occur with the clip if HW decoding is enabled. If it’s disabled, no extra skips.

Tvheadend HTPS Client is incompatible with the last night update.Pvr doesn’t work.

Backup settings stiil leads to Kodi restart. Clean install with only pkscout estuary mod skin added
Everything else is fine. Thanks.

Disaster the last update. Tvheadend doesn’t work, etc. I go back to the stable version.

What’s the etc? Tvheadend client is identified and it’s gonna be solved. You can go back to January 7th nightly.

Is there a list of these features?