CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

According to the official thread, Dev is behind due to RL stuff. He’s working on fixes for Kodi 19.

Official Thread:

i am using Nox Silvo with lots of modification and it is working great for me on some s905x and some s905x3 boxes. My install is not clean however. On multiple boxes i followed the path 9.2.5 kodi 18 non-ng build (original daily driver) > 9.2.5 kodi 18 ng build > kodi 19 matrix nightly > update / re-install few addons that were not updated during migration.

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I had assumed that as the ‘Aeon Nox Silvo’ skin was in the official Matrix repo, it had been tested and was compatible with Matrix.

Very pleased to hear that Mike Silvo has not abandoned this skin and that an update is in the pipeline: I thought he’d given up!

I couldn’t repeat your issue on my boxes with this sample.
But if you have spare power supply please try it.

P.S.: I hope your box power is not some other device usb port. Symptoms looks like not enough power.

On my Odroid N2 cec keeps switching to HDMI 1 when it’s connected to HDMI 3. Also if I set the GUI resolution to 4K and play 1080 live tv, the stream starts and then switches to proper resolution and frame rate, CEC on my minix u22 works properly but also has the resolution switch issue. If I set the GUI to 1080p it works as it should. Fresh installs on both.

Maybe libCEC does detect the wrong physical address by the edid from the TV. You can try to force a physical address: Help with CEC commands (N2)

So if you are connected to the TV HDMI port 3 it have to be the number 3000.


Hello, I would like to ask when the stable version of Coreelec 19 will be released? Thank you.

Very, very soon - it is already around the corner!

will you support update from 9.2.6 or just clean install?

You can update from 9.2.6 and post logs if you run into trouble. Fresh install is always the safest bet. This way you’re sure there isn’t some obscure configuration messing with your system.
I had the two situations and the devices run smoothly either way.

PS - always backup and safely store said backup before upgrading.

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It looks like this has been done and it is possible to run the new kernel on boxes with S912.

LibreElec developers are using linux-meson version 5.11 in the Kodi Matrix test editions!

I tested one of the latest versions and it works on S912 runs kernel 5.11 and Kodi 19, of course it still has some shortcomings but it works.

Is there any chance to run CoreElec on this kernel with Kodi 19?

Useful links:

No. CE is all about amlogic’s bsp kernel.

It is possible but you would have no benefits. The shortcomings are the reasons we don’t use it. But you have to decide if you can live with it.

Yes the mainline kernel will boot on an S912, and has the panfrost graphics driver that work with the S912.

So you can boot, navigate around the GUI, possibly get some audio output, and maybe get the odd sample h264 video to sort of play if you are lucky.

However that’s it. Media playback depending on the format is either broken at best or completely missing at worse. You can also forget about using 10bit colour or HDR output. So not really in a usable state for 99% of people. (There is also a long list of smaller problems as well.)

It has over all been great progress, from the developers working on it. Progress on mainline however doesn’t happen quickly.

As far as CoreELEC using the mainline kernel. The developers don’t have Ideological considerations when picking a kernel to use, so any actively developed kernel that can provide the required feature set is an option to be considered. However the mainline kernel currently doesn’t provide the feature set required to see it used in an official stable release at the moment.

After the next major version of CoreELEC is released and any problems that pop up at release get worked out, there maybe some interesting developments.


Update went fine. Smooth Playback. Better than on 9.2.6 really good work!

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I been using 19 nightly for a little week on my N2+ setting everything up clean install (twice) and have a issue I didn’t have with 2.5.6 or earlier with N2 and N2+.

Often, second or third time I reboot the device it change the resolution to 480p from 2160p (with disable GUI scaling enabled) then when I go to system to change it back the pop-up comes up as soon as I click “system” if im sure I want to keep the change and I need to reboot again to get a the full resolution list only 480p, 720p and 1080p is shown.

I have it connected to a AVR which could be the problem but never had this issue before 19 Matrix.

Thanks for everything.

Collect full log after box start for both cases with problem and without.

Will do, thanks

Reboot to 2160p=

Reboot to 480p=

I’m not sure if it could be code error, because kernel is the same
I see a lot of events
hdmitx: hw: ddc timeout
It reads bad edid

Could you try to replug or change HDMI cable sides on box, AVR and TV side? But do it carefully with all devices in powered off state, especially AVR<->box side.
After that check again if issue repeats or not.

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