CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

It ru s surprisingly well,I gotta say
The only ‘issues’ I encounter is one or two addons that haven’t been updated to p3 :wink:

Tried on Ugoos X3 cannot get SMB shares recognised. Router only supports SMB1.

Samba removed SMB1 support since 4.11. Also Microsoft removed SMB1 support

SMB1 is officially deprecated and might be removed step by step in the following years...

Minimum is now SMBv2

let us know about results. I would miss nice CE features personally, like disp_add … And also I would need to recompile some things like tvh against LE I guess.

Make sure to change to EXPERT

Can you try System / Services / SMB client
Change Minimum to SMBv1
Maximum whatever you want.

Also go to CoreELEC add-on settings and change the settings there as well.
I think the Default is set to none.
Change it anyway.

Let us know how it goes.

I have an old router as an access point where hard drives are plugged into it’s USB
I had issues during testing and got it to work.

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Thanks Kostaman that fixed it.

Also check HLG videos. If it plays HLG as HDR too, then you need to set HDR to SDR option to Auto in CoreELEC settings.

Then, Dolby vision and hdr10+ is working?

DV is not supported, but HDR10+ and HLG work.
(no HDR works for VP9 formats, though, just an FYI)

If i understand right, if your device is based on GLX it is also supported by the Amlogic-ng builds. So you can use CE 19.
At least my A95X-B7N with s905x running CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.5 (4.9 kernel) is able to use CE 19 or am I wrong?

Yes you can use CE 19
Tested and running on my TX5 Pro S905x

Are you guys at CoreELEC do support update from CoreELEC 9.2.5 to CoreELEC 19 in future (for official releases)?

Working well here on my N2+. Clean flash to Sd card. All multichannel PCM audio working plus passthrough of DD TrueHD and DTS Master Audio and variants. Even multi-layer SACD ISO working once I installed the SACD FS add-on, although the audio tracks are presented as Track 1 (2.0), followed by Track 1 (5.1), Track 2 (2.0) etc.

The SACD ISO add-on messes with DVD ISO handling, though (trying to play a DVD ISO results in display of underlying Audio and VIDEO_TS folders. This is a reported issue and I uninstalled the add-on after testing SACD playback.

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Will check later, but I am sure that I have the exact config than 9.2.5, where the same video plays on hdr10+ and not in matrix.

Good question. It currently doesn’t look like the situation will improve about the python 2 to 3 upgrade.

I hope Team CE does itself a favor and only support clean non-upgrade setups :wink:

Another every very huge question!!!

Does “Sync Playback to Display” work now for 24p to 50hz conversion?

I ran this ( on my S905 and it didnt work.

Here somebody said that it will work with kodi 19 again:

Anybody can tell me something?

what do you need that for? CoreELEC prefers to change the refreshrate of the TV to play stutter free. The option you mentioned is leading to weird errors and is misused by users and we get stupid bug reports.

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SP2D With 9.0.1 works OK for me, some Multichannel Audio Problems with AAC 5.1 but i always use it for stereo. :slight_smile:
Does it work again in CE+19 or still “damaged”?
I dont want to buy new Hardware only to recognize that such an important feature isnt usable.
Then i’ll try my luck with a pi 4 first.

Fresh install to a USB flash drive on A95X Max (S905X2).

Working like a treat with all files that I have thrown at it and YouTube.

I saw a noticeable improvement in HDR to SDR tone mapping, which results in a far better quality of HDR content, which, whilst not as good as 1080p SDR, is acceptable to the point of not looking ghastly in comparison.

I take it that the openvfd service is not updated for Matrix yet? {Edit: It seems no longer required as after I copied my .VFD file over and rebooted, it worked out of the box so to speak]

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