CoreELEC 8.95.5

CoreELEC 8.95.5

CoreELEC 8.95.5 is now available and can be downloaded from our GitHub page here.



  • disabled blue/green status LED on LePotato
  • reintroduced boot.ini/config.ini support on LePotato
  • reverted kernel to 8.95.3 state *


  • added iptvarchive support


* The recent changes to the kernel introduced in 8.95.4 have been temporarily reverted, due to issues introduced with the auto-cs/cd switching code.


Wetek Play 2 remote control does not work :thinking:

If anyone after updating will be stuck at the “Migrating addons - please wait…” screen, just wait couple minutes and then SSH to your device and type reboot.

I was actually stuck on this screen for about 20 minutes, then checked my log and all was fine - no errors. After rebooting via SSH, the system started normally, but now there’s no splash screen of Kodi 18 (which I don’t care about). All seems to be fine.

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My KI Pro just did it automatically 6h ago after a restart.
After upgrading tvh client (inside kodi) everything seems to be ok.


Did you try to update it from the addon repo?

Yes, through Kodi addons. From CoreElec repository.
I was not offered a choice of versions.

When this happens it generally means that a new build of the TVH client is required. Until thats done then its broken. I have also found that once this happens rolling back will not clear the error.
However did you clear the cached addon packages as it will generally go to these first.

The same issue happened within the nightlies recently and I had to download the zip file and install it manually, its worth going to that thread and scanning down to near the end to see the bundles of PVR clients and seeing if these work for you.

Edit: here is the link


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This version (8.95.5) works so well, that I do not understand what must bring the other?
“The latest kernel changes in version 8.95.4 have been temporarily canceled due to switching code issues”

Did you manually check for updates in the left hand menu in the Addons view?

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I hadn’t, because I have auto update on addons set.
When I did as you instructed I was offered in addition to 4.3.11.

I installed it and when installed a message popped up saying
PVR Client
Access Denied

I have yet to find out how to get around this.

I remembered reading about a difficulty some had when using for the server, so I changed it to the IP of the box and all is well again.

Thanks all for the assistance. :wink:

Why the /etc/rc_maps.cfg is not linked to /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg? My remote control stop working.

go into /storage/.kodi/addons and delete the packages folder, update the addon manually and you should be okay then.

Sometimes changes are made in addons by the developers to match the changes in the latest version of Kodi but they fail to bump the addon version so your install doesn’t see a new version even though there is one.

Thx for support but nothing change.install manualy from zip Can not be installed And from repo say dependency on
kodi.binary.instance.pvr version 5.10.3😕this Last dependency on…Is with every PVR addon

I had a similar experience with IPTV Simple as I had with HTSP Client.
The same solution worked for me …

OK thank you but how can i change IP in box please?

Click the box and edit the entry.

well, but I do not know where I can see it anywhere
OK Thank you now working thx a lot again

@JohnBoyz I don’t understand what address you had set to and why.
@Mnich The addon repository is working just fine, and the iptvsimple addon installs without a problem.

8.95.5 usb mce remote not work

Thanks for hard work, I appreciate it.

The upgrade process in the latest two versions have not gone without a hitch for me. I’m usually stuck at the Addon migration in progress… screen for 10-15minutes and when I go check kodi.log it seems some file failed to download and it just seems to hang there forever. For instance

ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for
ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[inputstream.rtmp]: failed to download special://home/addons/packages/

When I try to download it manually using wget/curl it works just fine. Anyway what is the best way to proceed in a situation like this? Should I just reboot and “Check addons for updates” once I have rebooted or re-download the update and run it again?