Coreelec 8.99.2 and audio pass through don't work

I’ve installed Coreelec 8.99.2 and audio pass through don’t work. At Yamaha amplifier arrive only PCM streams, I’ve tried to change more audio settings, but pass through don’t work anymore.

Audio passthrough should work as expected, at least it does for me. Make sure you have read
KODI’s Audio quickstart guide and have setup your AVR correctly. If you think there is something wrong with the build, please give us some more information regarding how you have connected your AVR, TV etc, and which models you have.

While the link is helpful, to some degree, it has not been updated since Kodi V16 and some of the options like " Enabled Dolby Digital transcoding" are not in Kodi V18.

That doesn’t matter. The guide should be enough to setup audio passthrough, so how can I help if you guys find the guide difficult to follow? Let me know your setup so I can give you the correct settings.

Let’s start by making sure that you use direct mode for the audio signal on your AVR. Then find out how to display information regarding signals received to your AVR to make it easier to spot if you have setup everything correctly. Download some HD Audio Test Clips from KODI’s wiki and you should be able to solve this by using the guide above when selecting settings. Here is Settings/System/Audio information which might be helpful to get some more insight on how to properly setup audio for KODI

I’ve installed the version 9.0.0 and passthrough works fine.

Thanks for all suggestions…