CoreELEC 8.99.2

CoreELEC 8.99.2

CoreELEC 8.99.2 is now available and can be downloaded from our GitHub page here.



  • fixed media_build dvb drivers


  • updated kernel to use YUV422 for UHD and 4K 10bit instead of YUV444

Can you tell us how to update? Or at least the new link we can use from ssh?
Just was at it trying to update to 8.99.1, but since the update commands no longer work since the link changed.

Just replace 1.1 with 2 in the filename

Okay thanks. That worked.

Updating is very easy and we already have a guide for this here.

Will YUV4:4:4 come back?

Is OC for odroid C2 included in this build?

@rome1931 once we get to the point of nobody having display issues, I will look into making it and a few other things configurable like I did with adding a switch for the auto colour depth switching.

In the mean time it doesn’t make much of a difference since video content is not really available in YUV444.

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@KodiKinG yes it is

What do you need YUV444 for? For video it makes no difference, because all video content has a chroma of 4:2:0.
We use YUV444 for all 8-bit modes, because HDMI bandwidth and spec allows this.
10-bit mode spec is YUV422, and some TVs don’t do well with YUV444 together with a 10-bit signal, so to improve compatibility we are forcing YUV422 for all 10-bit modes. At least for now.


Not necessary for video playback. UHD 422 10 bit is more than enough.

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This is great thank you very much!

X96 Mini (2/16GB) auto updated from 8.95.7, running without any problem on eMMC.

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Im still on x95.7?? Why the Autoupdate not works?


Do you have it set to manual in CE-settings?

Yes ofc! Its a bit strange, in the past my box autoupdate prompt if you release it. Im so happy over Kodi goes final and your update post here some days ago, but nothing comes.

Haha Update Window comes, in this Moment. But why before nothing comes?

And Manualupdate not works too before?

The update window is not instantaneous, it will eventually appear for everyone over time providing you have updates set to to automatic.

You can invoke it manually by going to the power menu and restarting Kodi.

Amremote support works as expected, the keys have been updated in Leia when compared with Krypton, so minimal changes to your remote configuration are needed as have been outlined in the replies that you have received.

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I see that the latest version of CoreELEC supports Magicsee C400 Pro, but I don’t see this model in Magicsee webpage.

The model in the webpage is de C400 Plus

So, the question is, whitch model is supported C400 Pro or C400 Plus?

The problem of subtitles / jerks seems finally solved! A miracle, thank you!
Perfect on Beelink GT1 @ s912

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