CoreElec and HDR10+ / HDR10 Plus


Does CoreElec/kodi support HDR plus?

I’ve noticed that Bohemian Rhapsody is HDR plus and wondered if it is supported?

Many thanks

Do you have a TV with HDR10+? We are looking for someone to tell us if it’s working. At least the Odroid N2 with Kernel 4.9 should support it in Code but unless someone can tell the difference nobody knows.

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Yeah, I have a 65" Samsung Q8 and a H96+ Pro.

I can try Bohemian Rhapsody but I’m not so sure if the TV has a separate indicator for HDR than HDR+.

I’ll try it later and see what happens.
Apparently amazon video supports Hdr10+ so maybe I can download a TV show in plain HDR and try to compare with Amazon’s version and see how i get on. I’ll report back.

Other than the TV indicator is there any other way of knowing?

As you mentioned your TV will most likely only show a standard HDR indicator rather than HDR10+ etc. And it gets even more difficult with the fallback option as it will fallback to static HDR10 if the optimal condition for HDR10+ is not met. It would be great if you can see the receiving signal information.

To see information about the signal you receive or if there are any improvements in picture quality

  • Your TV might have an option to show information about the signal receiving.
  • An AVR can do the trick as it should be able to read information about receiving signal (remember to check that your AVR supports HDR10+).
  • Compare picture quality by taking 10bit HDR pictures/recording of playback with your TV internal player vs H96+ Pro.
Here is an possibly outdated list of the currently released HDR10+ movies

ALIEN (1979)
WIDOWS (2018)

Take a look her for more recent and updated information about UHD releases containing HDR10+: - List of UHDs that contain HDR10+

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I’m going to ask a very noob question here. How can I tell if a video is HDR10+ as opposed to HDR10? MediaInfo does not seem to distinguish the two, at least I cannot see it.

Again, sorry for the noob question.

I find there are issues with down scaling HDR10 to SDR. The colours look washed out and darker contrast. So unless you have an HDR10 TV there is no point watching that content

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@gregeeh, you are correct when the encodings settings are not present, then the current stable version of mediainfo does not give an indication if a file is HDR10+. The same for ffmpeg. You have to know the “Encoding settings” for the sample. If you see the option --dhdr10-opt then the file has dynamic HDR (HDR10+), if you see --no-dhdr10-opt then the file will have static HDR10.

@GiJOr33, that’s an issue for another thread! And to give you a great advice, stay away from HDR to SDR conversion as you loose quite some quality! If you tell a professional TV calibrator that you use HDR to SDR he/she will probably have a heart attack… :stuck_out_tongue: So as you say, if you don’t have an HDR TV, stay away from 4K and HDR media.


That’s incorrect.

SMPTE ST 2084 can be HDR10, DV or HDR10+. This is because all of these HDR formats use the same PQ.

Yeah, you are actually right. I was thinking about SMPTE ST 2094.

Make sure you are using mediainfo v19.04 or higher as it can display HDR10+ information (SMPTE ST 2094). You can also read from the encoding settings used for a file as seen below:
The first example has static HDR (HDR10) and the second has dynamic HDR (HDR10+) as seen here:

…/ hdr / hdr-opt / no-dhdr10-opt /…

…/ hdr / hdr-opt / dhdr10-opt /…

Possible way to verify if a file is HDR10+:

I’ve not tried it as I’m on vacation and are not able to test it for another week, yet it would be awesome if someone could try it on HDR10+ files. The tool should be able to check if a HEVC file contains SMPTE 2094-40 metadata in SEI messages and fetch the metadata into a json file.

So the current status is that we can verify if a file contains HDR10+ metadata and extract it. Which means we can encode a file with x265 using HDR10+ metadata. There are however several aspects that need attention as example video cropping which destroys the HDR10+ metadata as it has to be recalculated to fit the new aspects.

The next version of mediainfo will detect HDR10+ btw.

Do you have a source for that statement other than the feature request #536 Add HDR10+ detection in HEVC streams (RAW, MKV, M2TS, TS) from 2019-02-04?

I emailed the developer a few weeks ago.

So, my amp (Denon Avr X2500H) doesn’t support HDR10+. Only Hdr10.
Shirt of rewiring my box direct to the TV I have no way if checking. I would give that a whirl and test the files but I’m not convinced my Amlogic H96 Pro + would support it either.

I’ll move on and not worry about it until it becomes more mainstream.

My tv samsung shows logo hdr and hdr10+. When I play the file with the built-in TV player, the hdr10 + sign is shown. And when playing via CoreELEC on minix u9 - just hdr.

The S912 SoC doesn’t support HDR10+.

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I tried 2 different files with HDR10+ on the built in player and neither showed a HDR10+ on my SAMSUNG MU8500. Both shows a regular HDR logo. On the latest firmware. What file did you try? Or what TV are you using?

Thanks a lot.

That’s exactly what his TV is doing.
Built-in player shows HDR10+
CE shows HDR.

I have the N2 with the latest nightly. I did download linked above but my TV even does not shows HDR logo displayed.

The regular HDR10 files did shows up HDR logo on my TV (65Q6FN). I thought because my receiver does not support HDR10+ (Yamaha RX-V685) then I connect directly the N2 to the TV (bypassing the receiver) however same result is displayed.

Anyone else have other HDR10+ sample to try?

I tried the ISS file on my LG OLED and it fallbacks to HDR.

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