CoreELEC and Kodi RC2

Dear all
I’m trying to build CoreELEC from official sources but updating Kodi to the lastest commit but always crash during kodi compilation.
I’ve been doing this for several months, but it was during the middle of last week that it failed. Kodi RC1 works great and also the funhouse builds that @cdu13a pushed some days ago. But It seems that from a point during the development of kodi, it fails me. I do not know what commit began to fail me. The last successfully tested is: 70ec863c255678c830ee4dcb1a44c38938234c49

I reinstalled again Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and sync again the sources, but always fail during kodi compilation.

Anyone has the same problem?


Attach the error log you have.
And what system are you trying to build S905 or S912?

This change at Kodi messed it up:

@Ray implemented some fixes for this specific problem in CoreELEC master today.
Could you please try it again after pulling the newest commits?

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The patch is working perfectly! I’ve been able to build agin CoreELEC

Update: Sometimes the compilation freezes at last step: INSTALL memetester. i have to stop the compilation process and start it again. Do you know why?