CoreELEC fail to fetch addon repository

After the latest nightly was downloaded, I no longer get the cannot connect error. Now I get a new error and all attempts to download from kodi repo fails. Other repos like coreelec work fine.

Guessing this is the error, whatever that means: error : Could not find suitable input format: x-directory/normal

Please enable DEBUG in Kodi logging.

Now in Omega RC1. Same issue

Please try again, it should be solved now. Again.

Hi, the issue seems to be still there. I just did a clean install of CoreElec 20.5 (SXS905X4) and all Addon Updates/Install from the Official Kodi Repository fail.

Yes, still an issue. Looks like it will take little more to fix.

It is fixed. Again :slight_smile:


Yes it is :+1: Thank’s for your work :grin:

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Yes, works now, thank you.

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Thank’s a lot, @vpeter , it works :grinning: :+1: