CoreElec improvements over Kodi on Android

Hello everyone !

I would like to know all that we can do with Corelec that we cannot do with Kodi. The pros and cons.

I know some of them but hard to know everything

Is there a topic with all the improvements in using CoreElec compared to using Kodi.

I did not find.

Thanks in advance.

I think you got something mixed up here; CoreElec is an operating system, like Windows and Kodi is a (media center) program running on it, like the Windows Media Center running on Windows operating system.
So your question is similar to: I’d like to know what can we do with Windows that we cannot do with “Windows Media Center”. I don’t know of any meaningful answer to such a question…

Btw, Kodi Media Center (developed from XBMC X-Box Media Center) can run also on Windows, Android and other operating systems.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understood your answer correctly. I may have formulated my question incorrectly

It seems to me that Corelec is a Kodi based OS. And much of the interface and functionality is similar to Kodi even though technically it’s an App and an OS. And so the fact that CoreElec is an operating system allows some things that are not possible on Kodi.

As an Android Box user, I am trying to find out what can be done with CoreElec.

There are a lot of people I think who use CoreElec as a Kodi mediacenter with the advantages of having HD audio, Netflix Full HD, better performance …

For me Windows and Windows Media Center are two very different things.

As far as I know in Kodi on Android there is:

  • no deinterlacing
  • no auto frame rate switching
  • obviously no support for external DVB devices, Android can’t be used as a PVR server

There are many playability improvements specific to CoreELEC’s version of Kodi that you will miss on Android.


Android has significantly higher overheads than CE. This means Android Kodi is much more laggy on low power boxes.

The only thing is CE is only a media player so has no general web browser or games.


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Thanks for the answer.

And about the upscal. Can we have something as good as the Shield TV 2019 according to the TVs?

for HD content? But especially for SD content?

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