Coreelec KII pro tehtered wireless

please,i am able to create wifi hotspot on coreelec kii pro tv box but when i try to connect with my computer it describes it as unidentified network and i cant use it to share files. my phone unable to connect to the hotspot with error as ip configure failed. when i change wifi setting on the phone to static ip then i am able to connect phone to the hotspot but still cant communicate with the device.
when i create hotspot on phone then my tv box will connect and every thing work. but i want to use the hotspot from my coreelec kii pro device.
please help.

There is no hot-spot support in wireless driver.

Please can help to solve the wireless driver?
ap6335_driver.tar.gz (887.5 KB)

No. We already use the latest version from Khadas github.
BTW KI Pro has only week internal patch antenna, bad for hot-spot.

Please should I hope that the hot spot problem will be fixed, Or look for other alternative?

Look for other alternative. The hardware is too weak to support this even if someone would create support for it.

@afl1 What about external wireless adapters? I have TL-WN722N adapter which is fully supported by legendary ath9k :slight_smile:

I found solution to the problem from this forum. here is how,
1st: create file with contains these commands,
sleep 20;
ip link set dev wlan0 master tether;
2nd: place the file in /storage/.config/ and reboot the device
but if you want to stop the hotspot and connect to other wireless connection then you have to delete or rename the file and reboot the device. (46 Bytes)

but i done it

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