Coreelec not working anymore after flashing new Android rom

Hey guys, new user here and I’m loving coreelec. I’ve installed it on my s905w device and it was working fine, but then I’ve decided to flash a new rom on emmc (coreelec is on my SD card) Now, coreelec doesn’t work anymore, I can see the initial logo, but that’s it, and it’s also not booting if I don’t do the reset button thing. Any ideas on how I could solve that? I have so much hours of configs, so reinstalling the whole thing would be a pain. Appreciate any help.

Different Android rom versions can make installation/booting CoreElec impossible. Mostly it’s because of a locked bootloader on new Android version…

Another thing, after every new Android flash you have to use the same method for starting CE that you used initially to install it. If that does not work, maybe the only thing to be done is reverting to Android rom version with which CE worked…

So there’s a weird thing going on, I’ve noticed that coreelec is apparently running, because it is still accessible through samba, but there is no HDMI signal. What could it be?

Could be that Kodi is not starting…

is there any way of knowing if this is happening?

Let me ask my crystal ball: No answer. Magic 8 Ball: Inconclusive.

Oracle of Delphi:
Looks like you will have to look at the logs, sorry.

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A rather snarky response to a new user, IMO.

@Vinibauz check out instructions for including log reports to provide info to those who can help.

It was a joke. Nobody can tell what’s going on without any information, otherwise it’s just guessing.

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