CoreELEC Novice seeking help

It has been over a year since I have updated my old droid N2. When I installed 19.1 matrix yesterday, I noticed a couple changes and I would really appreciate any advice or if someone could point me toward a guide or a piece of information that could help.

As I am navigating the set up, I can no longer find the skins category that was usually within the ‘look and feel’ section. Also I had a question about a couple add-ons that don’t seem to be able to install: confluence was noted as “incompatible” and for some reason TMDB could not be added as my movie scraper, I am not sure if this has to do with dependencies that it needs installed or what (It mentions a YouTube dependency that I am not able to install any longer) .

I am incredibly appreciative for all the helpful information that people could provide, but please be aware that I am very unfamiliar with the computer side. I have been able to flash an image to a micro SD, but when it comes to things like opening a GIT hub link and knowing what I am supposed to do with the code on that page - I am totally lost. If you have any information about the movie database scraper or confluence add-on or if you could direct me to a page or a guide that could answer my questions I would really appreciate your help. Thanks

It is recommended to use a fresh install of Matrix rather than trying to update. With the move from Python 2 to Python 3 many people have experienced issues when trying to upgrade rather than performing a fresh install.

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