CoreELEC on devices with built-in DVBS2 tuner

I’m new here. Visited as a guest first, in the hope to find more info about the Ugoos X3. Didn’t find much, but while searching, I saw some threads, that refreshed my initial idea about a device with built-in DVBS2 tuners, that would run CE and so act as a TV receiver and a proper media player.

I saw these two being mentioned:

  • Ferguson Ariva ATV Combo
  • Mecool K1 Pro / KIII Pro / …

Maybe there are more.

Do I understand it correctly, that because of Android running on such devices originally, the DVB drivers are accessable, allowing to create CE builds, which support those built-in tuners and contain TVHeadend server and TVHeadend client, allowing to receive the signal from the tuners and to process/dispaly it - all in the same device?

If that’s correct: what do you guys think about such a solution? Is it reliable in both departments? (TV and media player, all from within CoreELEC without to need Android)

If so: what device would you suggest to use?

I know, mostly using a SAT>IP server like DigibitR1 etc. is being suggested, but somehow I’m not that comfortable with that idea (yet), so am thinking about a single box covering both areas.

Welcome to the forums.

You might find a good starting point for a similar question from last year here.

Thank you, Compent.

The thread you linked was not in my little list of threads I had found, but even if I had found it, I probably would have made a new one, because it’s somewhat old and forums often suggest to make a new thread, rather than posting in an old thread.

If that’s different here, I’m happy to repost there or maybe my posts could be merged with the thread you linked by a moderator?

Or should I just continue there and this one gets closed?


What I meant was for you to use such a thread as a starting point for research, to give you some idea of what has been discussed before and how it may aid your purchase consideration.

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