CoreELEC on W95 TV Box

Hi All,

is there someone who tested CoreELEC on this TV Box?

There is really good price for this box and I thinking about buying this.

Thanks for help.

read this

He replied in it, but it’s unlikely he actually bothered to read it.

Yes, I have two of these in use with CoreELEC. Primary use is watching TV with the Zattoo PVR client. It does the job just fine. With the latest CoreELEC releases this has become a very stable box. Even Wifi works sortof-ish for live TV. Get the 2GB model.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for robust quality, get the Beelink Mini MXIII II. The Mini MXIII II has a great heatsink design any runs very cool.

Thanks all,

@netbuild what image and dtb you are using on W95 box? Thanks.

The Beelink would be the better box as @netbuild has stated.

Some boxes with S905W have issues with interlaced content.

You buy cheap, you buy twice.


I can get CoreElec to boot from micro sd but when I try “installtointernal” it seems to run fine but box will not boot up after restart. I have to flash with android with male to male USB to fix it. I have a w95 1gb box and have tried a few different dtb files.

Any ideas?

Yes, please post the results from the script.
Have you tried to run the script twice?

Download your img
Burn it on PC with Rufus, Etcher or Win32 Disk Imager
Download gxl_p212_2g.dtb(W95 2gb Ram 16gb Rom), rename it dtb.img and replace it on your micro sd
Insert it in your box
download Terminal Emulator app on playstore
launch it and enter this command:
reboot update
normally your box need to reboot and launch coreelec

Don’t download the DTB, it’s right there on the SD card.