Coreelec on x96?

I currently have libreelec installed to emmc on a couple generic x96 boxes. I’d like to update each to coreelec but neither will boot the coreelec image using the same dtb file I used to install libreelec. One just comes up to a black screen with the coreelec sd card installed and the other comes up to the x96 splash screen and hangs there. Any ideas/suggestions?

Note that the dtb page at indicates I should be using gxl_p212_1g but it isn’t in the coreelec tar file. I tried the one I found at but it also fails to boot.

Which image have you downloaded? You need the non “NG” image.

There is ans x96 (s905x)/ X96 Mini (S905W)

Also there is now the X96 Max (S905X2) and X96 Max + (S905X3).

I downloaded CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20191223.tar from: I’m not sure what the ng represents but I didn’t see any builds w/o it at that link.

Hi ffmon,

I’m trying to install it on an x96 boxes using s905x chips. It installed fine on a different t95/s905x2 box I have.

You need to download Amlogic builds, not Amlogic-ng
I recommend you use the stable 9.2.1 version. There’s very little reason to use nightly builds on S905X.

Thanks, the 9.2.1 version booted ok. I couldn’t find ceemmc on that image. How can I install this on the internal emmc?

You use installtointernal not ceemmc on older devices but out help ends there once you do.

Thanks Adamg. From your reply, does that mean it’s known to have issues running from emmc (something unique to coreelec since libreelec runs ok from there)?

There has always been potential issues with installtointernal (even with LE).
That’s why Coreelec has never recommended or officially supported it. It’s well documented throughout this forum :wink:

You need to run installtointernal twice on the X96/X96Mini I have about 10 of those and have installed to internal on about half of them

I’m thinking about buying a used X96 because i could find it quite cheap on eBay.
Can you still recommend this device in 2020?
How does Coreelec run, are there many bugs? Thanks in advance