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Hello, All,

I am new to the Coreelec world. I had some problems with KODI 19 and there was advice I load Coreelec to a SD card and boot it from there. So far so good - as a player it works great.

  1. However, I am having some strange issues. My setup is as follows Samsung TV - connected to Sony AV receiver (all sounds go to the receiver). Everything else is connected to the receiver as well - Minix u9-h, Ps3, PC etc.
    The problem started when Coreelec was on “Stand by” on the TV box. It made the TV not recognize the Sony AV any more. There is no sound from the spearkers and so on.
    This is very strange as the receiver was on the TV input and not the Minix one (it was standby). I know it is strange this to be the problem but checked. Once I plug the tv box from the power (or HDMI) - disconnect it - magically everything works. If I plug it on again and it is on standby mode - then the TV stopps recognising the AV.
    Very very strange.
  2. I did not find any way (i am new to coreelec) to turn off the TV box - minix u9-h completely. It just stays on Standby or ON. This is a separate issue for me because I have connected external HDD to the tv box and it makes it spin even in standby mode. I would want to turn the box off completely.
  3. Also I was wondering if someone can help with KODI playback. If I watch a movie or series the voices are low and the effects are loud. This makes it hard to understand what the actors are saying. Can someone advice how to correct this behaviour.

Maybe start here:


Thanks. I do not understand how this is connected to my problem. Maybe I am missing something?

Yes you are missing several things :slight_smile:

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You should try it

lYou lack a lot of respect especially when you reflect how @betatester tried to help you. If you want that nobody helps you keeo going on with that attitude.

You have been asked nicely to look in the wiki. Have you even done so? I bet you didn’t. So let’s keep it friendly and I bet we can all start over with a friendly tone towards each other :slight_smile:

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