Coreelec settings colors issues

when using my own custom skin the coreelec settings pages are red,my skin has 0 red anywhere!
if i switch to the estuary skin. the settings pages follow the skin selected theme colors.

is there a setting i need to add to my skin?

The CoreELEC settings addon uses a lot of colors from the colors/default.xml that are only found in the Estuary skin. You need to add and override these colors in your own skin.

I think the main colors it uses are as follows:-

<color name=primary_background>FF00665C</color>
<color name=secondary_background>33F07942</color>
<color name=dialog_tint>FF222A2A</color>
<color name="button_focus">FF009688</color>
<color name="selected">FFC67F03</color>

Add them to your own skin and change as needed.

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i added them to the colors/default.xml, but the colors are still all red.

here is my xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <!-- Default colours -->
	   <color name="TextColor1">ffFFFFFF</color>
	   <color name="TextColor2">80FFFFFF</color>
	   <color name="TextColor3">66404040</color>
	   <color name="TextColor4">60000000</color>
	   <color name="DarkenColor">66000000</color>
	   <color name="OverlayColorFO">ffffffff</color>
	   <color name="OverlayColorNF">55f1f1f1</color>
	   <color name="SelectedColor">FF00C8FF</color>
	   <color name="FanartDiffuse">33f1f1f1</color>
	   <color name="HomeNF">44777777</color>
	   <color name="OSDCache">33FFFFFF</color>
	   <!-- Dialog colors -->
	   <color name="DialogColor1">ffffffff</color>
	   <color name="DialogColor2">80ffffff</color>
	   <color name="DisabledColor">88555555</color>
	   <color name="InvalidColor">60000000</color>
	   <color name="DialogOverlayColorFO">ffffffff</color>
	   <color name="DialogOverlayColorNF">55f1f1f1</color>

	   <!-- Default overlay color -->
	   <color name="OverlayColor">CC1c2ca5</color>
	   <!-- Coreelec settings colors -->
	   <color name="primary_background">FF00665C</color>
	   <color name="secondary_background">33F07942</color>
	   <color name="dialog_tint">FF222A2A</color>
	   <color name="button_focus">FF009688</color>
	   <color name="selected">FFC67F03</color>

anyone have any ideas?

Can you upload somewhere your complete addon to check? If not public send me PM.

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