Coreelec Settings missing from Confluence S905

Hi there,

I have 5 S905X TV Boxes running with CE 8.90.2 and one Khadas VIM S905X with CE 8.90.2.
All of these are running the Confluence Skin.

After doing the Update to 8.90.3 for the KVIM and using this without any major problems for a week, I have updated the other Boxes.
Here is the CE Settings Tab missing under Options in Confluence. In KVIM its there.

Has anyone noticed this?
KVIM used another Release file (with KVIM in name)

This is an issue with the skin and not with CE, the skin would need to modified and references made to LE-settings changed to CE-settings.

But why is it working for KhadasVIM?
the skin is the same, or I have look closer tomorrow.

It’s possible that if you had the skin installed, and upgraded to CE, the relevant items were not added to it (or maybe the skin just needs to be updated).
On a clean 8.90.3 install, I installed Confluence and it works fine with the CE menu item in System.

8.90.2 was still using LE-settings we just replaced the images and some text.

8.90.3 we completely changed the name of the settings addon because there was an issue with some themes displaying an LE logo and text in place of our own, this is also why you no longer see the settings tab.

Settings can still be accessed by going into addons or as I said in my previous post you can change references from LE>CE, you can find them here.

chewitt’s condescending comments here describe the exact same issue when they renamed OE>LE.

Thanks for your explanation.
you are right, on my KVIM it’s missing too, but I have forgotten that I can access it via add-ons.