CoreELEC submission to

Hi there! :wave:

First time poster, long time reader, as they say

I’m currently running LE on my AMLogic S905 device, but I’ll swith to CoreELEC as soon as Kodi Leia / CE 9 becomes final, or at least release candidate

I took the liberty of submitting CoreELEC to
For those who don’t know it, AlternativeTo is a popular software recommendation website. Both OpenELEC and LibreELEC are already listed there. Of course Kodi itself is too, along with thousands of other applications/Operating Systems/addons, etc

The submission is not aproved yet by the AlternativeTo website administrators, but when it is it will be at this url:

I though it could raise awareness of CoreELEC and the great job its developers are doing

I hope the CE team doesn’t have any problems with this submission, but I thought it would be best to notify everybody about that here. Please let me know if the CE teams thinks it’s best to not have CoreELEC listed there. In that case I’ll cancel/delete the submission as soon as you tell me

When the submission is approved and the CoreELEC page on is publicly accessible, you’ll see that I added some basic information about CoreELEC: that it’s open source, its website, logo and a short description

Again, please let me know if that information is ok with the CE team

The description I included is as follows:

CoreELEC is a ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution for running Kodi® on popular Amlogic hardware. CoreELEC is a fork of the LibreELEC project with a stronger focus on Amlogic hardware and the community
CoreELEC consists of a barebones Operating System purpose built for Kodi media center. It is designed to boot fast straight into Kodi, and has a simple installation process
CoreELEC is in active development and its releases follow closely the latest releases (beta or final) of
CoreELEC is free and open source