CoreELEC team needs input from IPTV users

We are working on implementing support for the “Archive” feature that some IPTV providers provide to their users.
We are collecting data about the API (or URL structure) of different IPTV providers who have archive. We need to know the format of the URL in order to better understand how the feature should be implemented and configured by users.
So for example:

One provider requires a suffix with timestamps to be appended to the URL of a channel.
utc = the timestamp of when the program was aired in UTC format.
lutc = current UTC time.

Another provider has the following implementation:
where you simply have to provide the full date and time of when the program started.

We need information about your provider so that we can add support for it from the get go.


Maybe it would be more flexible if it provided predefined substitution variables (like utc time) and functions (i.e. current time for specific format) for entering custom url parameters.

UPD My provider uses mentioned parameters ?utc=1407164412&lutc=1407165000

That’s an option I’m considering for the future, but it would be much simpler to start with a list of known formats.


Please, help!!! Please

Are you serious with that post? What do you need help with?