Coreelec version for Odroid N2

Hi, I ordered an Odroid N2 right now, I wanted to know when the stable version will come out for this platform, I would like to avoid installing beta versions because for previous experiences with other devices they had different bugs despite improvements over the stable versions. Thank you.

It will be soon™.


Hopefully, thanks for the reply, meanwhile when I get the Odroid N2 I will put it on hold and I will continue to use the C2, I hope it will come out before the end of the summer.

Since there is a fast little question, I wanted to buy a small fan to apply under the heatsink like I did with the other devices I already have, on which pin should I insert the connectors to make it work at startup? In the others I use the USB port but I thought of connecting it directly to the pins of the card. Thank you

You can use the nightly, it should be good enough. We’re at final stages of validation, so any feedback is important.

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There is a 2-pin fan connector on the board.

No other device has such a good and proper passive cooling as Odroid N2, so why would you stick a fan under it?
I run my N2 overclocked to the max all the time and haven’t yet seen temperature rise over 56°C. Typically the temps are 40-46°C after hours of watching Netflix movies at 1080p with software decoding.

Thanks for all these guys answers, a connector on the board? I’ll look for some photos until the card arrives, I think it’s similar to the one found on the Odroid XU4 card right?

Just moved from a RPI3B+ to an N2 running the nightly.
Works just perfect.

Can’t fathem what a dream this N2 device is (with the eMMC module) compared to the RPI3B+. (so much faster/stable)
Also, kudos to the team, my backup from Libreelec restored perfectly to coreelec.
Pretty much up and running under an hour :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think CE for the N2 is looking great, been real solid for me.

Love my N2, what a great product. Doesn’t need a fan, runs cool all the time. Fan might just make noise for no reason.