CoreELEC with IPTV Archive support


I don’t understand what you mean. Please post a screenshot.

This is not possible, it is built into the skin, just like a recording or a timer icons are, and Estuary doesn’t have any configuration settings I could add a toggle for it to.
If it really bothers you that much, you can manually download and install the estuary skin from the Kodi repository.


Unlike the screenshot above, I don’t display information about past broadcasts. In the file edem.xmltv.gz this information is


You can skip forward and then back with the arrow buttons on your remote/keyboard.


The “<” button brings up the Options side menu, and the “<<” button only moves the program to the beginning of the current program. How can I see, for example, yesterday’s program?


This is a Kodi thing, maybe something with your PVR & LiveTV settings for the EPG is wrong. This has nothing to do with Edem nor the IPTV Archive feature.
If you first go forward ( > ), then going back ( < ) should work.


Thank! It was in the EPG settings that there was a reason


So does anyone know the url format for rapid?


If this service works with OTTPlayer, and archive works in it then the format should be ?utc={utc}&lutc={lutc}


If i do that and click on a past programme on channel with archive (at least xtreme-editor shows it has archive) it still play current programme


Can you PM me a part of your playlist? You can redact the URL parts, maybe there’s something that will help.



Sadly that doesn’t provide any info on how to access their archive.