CoreELEC with IPTV Archive support


The only thing I can suggest right now is that you edit your m3u8 playlist, and add
catchup-source="http://domain/timeshift/Username/Password/150/{Y}-{m}-{d}-{H}:{M}/480.ts" after #EXTINF:-1 (on the same line, like the other tags) to each channel, with the correct stream parameters.


Ok, but SIPTV app somehow knows how to access archive. So there must be some standard for that.


Perhaps the app knows the exact format of the normal channel URL, then it parses it in order to create the URL for the archive.
I was trying to keep this feature as ‘service agnostic’ as possible, so I don’t really see a way around it at this point in time.


I think the only way then is to caputre network traffic and see what url Siptv actually calls to access archive. As I can see, this standard becomes very common for various iptv providers. They provides clean m3u without catchup-sourfce info, but siptv still knows that archive is supported.

Maybe I could try if there is siptv trial without need to pay, if anybody also owns siptv and could try to figure it out, this will be good.


Dears, can any one help?
LiveTV channels are UDP multicast like

Channels are recorded on network server for 48 hours and subscribers can
access archives with timeshifted stream.
Apple HLS protocol is used for unicast streams.

URL: /timeshift/_<timeshift_offset>.m3u8

Offset parameter is given in number of HLS chunk files (each 10 seconds).
For example, to request 2 hour timeshifted stream for MYBESTHD channel,
following URI can be played:

Offset value of 720 is calculated from (2 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds) /
10 seconds.

So i need help because if i make carchup-source link like

#EXTINF:-1 catchup=“default” catchup-source=“${offset}.m3u8”,MYBEST HD

It is not working.

Any help please guys


Dear May be you can help me?


${offset} will not work, because it’s not supported.
I’m not sure how that could be generically implemented. If one service uses 10 second chunks, but another uses 8, 15 or 20 seconds, this will not work for them without also specifying the chunk size.

Sadly I don’t have free time to work on this right now, due to work and other projects I’m actively working on. But I will keep it on my to do list and try to figure out a way to make using offset possible.


Can you clarify which tags supported in
archive URL in the playlist, using the catchup-source tag ?

for example is this supported?

#EXTINF: 0 catchup=“default” catchup-source=“${start}

Переменные шаблона

Для создания шаблона обращения к API архива используются переменные, вместо которых приложение подставляет динамические значения:

  • ${start} - время начала архивного потока в формате UNIX Time Stamp
  • ${timestamp} - текущее время в формате UNIX Time Stamp
  • ${offset} - смещение времени начала архивного потока относительно текущего времени в секундах


maybe it possible to use some construction like


Read first post.

${start} could be {utc} - The start time of the program in UTC format.
${timestamp} could be {lutc} - Current time in UTC format.


Keep it in English please (in an English speaking forum) :+1:


Sorry, will do it.It was copy paste from other source


Yep it can be
my question is, can i do any modification to it?
such as deduct program start time from current time ?


What you are asking for isn’t possible with the current implementation.
There’s no logic behind the placeholders right now, all it does is take the string as-is and replace the placeholders with the relevant data.


I got your point.
Is it possible to release such logic? i would like to sponsor necessary development.


Can I get local timeshift only? Without archive from server?


Not with this addon. I believe (but not sure) that someone is working on a version with local timeshift support, but you’ll have to search for it on the Kodi forum.


This is big shame nobody has determined archive format used by siptv. It becomes very common currently, so without support it, this addon won’t be very useful for most people

I can only say it adds timeshift=1 to m3u, exact catchup format is not included though, I guess it’s arbitrary and must be known. I also suspect it’s simple. Does anybody have any idea how to figure it out?

Maybe closer look at tools used to serve iptv with archive support is an answer? If anybody knows what software is used to serve it, I am glad to test it to determine what format is served exactly. I can’t catch any traffic from siptv app, because it makes m3u processing on its own server, so not possible to determine how does it talk with iptv provider


If you can use it on Windows or Linux, you can install a network sniffer, such as Fiddler or Wireshark and check the requests the client sends to siptv’s server.


I think I can’t. Siptv app does not connect to iptv provider directly. It only connects to siptv server and it uses its own protocol. I need to upload my m3u list to siptv server and provide my mac address. Communication with iptv provider is not known.

So I want to setup my own iptv server, upload m3u to siptv and capture traffic on my server. But, I need my server running first.


@TheCoolest I got some info. Siptv archive is a standard compatible with flussonic catchup.
This is described here:

(althought, so far my provider always returns “no dvr” if I try to access archive as described)

Do you think it’s possible to add support in this addon? It seems duration is missing in url format.