Correct NFS Options

Hi all,

I have a QNAP NAS that contains Movies and Photos I want to share via NFS to Kodi. I’ve done a bit of searching but have been unable to find a concrete answer.

What are the correct:

File Permissions - Read only or Read-Write
Anonymous GUID - guest,administrators, everyone
Anonymous UID - guest



I don’t use a QNAP NAS but I’ll tell you the options I use with my share and why I use them. For the record, it’s an NFSv4 share.

  • File permissions - read only - it’s a little faster and I don’t need write access from Kodi (I do use read-write permissions for a share where I store backups)
  • Squash Option - all_squash - this simplifies permissions and the share is only accessible to machines on the LAN over which I have control
  • Anonymous GUID - the primary group of the below user - really this is just about permissions and ease of access (without giving too much access); I wouldn’t suggest using “administrators” here
  • Anonymous UID - a user which has the appropriate permissions to read the contents - in my case, not the owner of the files but a user which has group permissions.

There isn’t one, single, “correct” answer. Rather, you should tailor the settings to your particular needs.

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