Could the driver for my external WiFI dongle be added to CoreELEC


I’m struggling with OSMC wifi dongle setup. Sorry for dupe, but this topic was unlisted and it looks like ignored. I just want to know if I should buy new dongle or try something else. (original thread here: )

My device is running CoreELEC-Odroid_C2.arm-8.95.3

Simple “we are working on it”, or “too much work, get another”, or “give a try to this and that” will suffice.

Thank you a lot!

The logo is the same OSMC logo as the media centre software. Try asking over at their forums and maybe even test if it does work with their OS.

It works with with Amlogic 905, but they do provide image just for Vero 4k, not for Odroid C2 or any other 905 device. Sam from OSMC posted, that you just need to compile driver that’s available at their github. See thread here