CPU or GPU overclocking possible?

That makes sense. But which echo gives me nothing. Also in /bin there’s no echo :frowning:
Any ideas how I could locate echo?

Why do you use these lines when “scaling_governor” is set by default?

The default scaling governor is “ondemand”, this command changes that to “performance”. The effect of this is to set the CPU clock speed to its maximum from the moment it is called. Ondemand ramps up the the clock over a set time which means it is running slow for a short time. It is likely to make a marginal difference to performance but the whole concept of Governors was to allow for different power use profiles in mobile phones. Since battery usage is not an issue for these boxes it does no harm to allow them to run at full bore all the time if the heatsinking is adequate.


I could not detect any performance difference, so left it on default (ondemand).
Do you have any hint where that difference can be detected/seen?

The u-boot for the C2 in 8.95.7 doesn’t appear to allow overclocking the cpu. Replacing it with and older u-boot that allows a 1752 overclock works. Is the regression expected?

Maybe the following patch does not get effective anymore?

EDIT: Seems the patch was deleted during recent device unification:

EDIT2: This topic was discussed & fixed in Aug18

@Ray / @anon88919003
maybe I am wwrong, but for me itseems in the actual uboot from Khadas in odroidc2 branch the following Patch is missing:

This will add the missing second (overclock) DVFS table for C2.

I also could not find out if/how the following patch is implemented, to read the second table for C2:

We do have the u-boot firmware fork and it is included. The linux commit was reverted iirc and a Odroid C2 specific patch was introduced. However due to the S905 unification of devices we dropped that patch once again. IIRC it caused some trouble on generic S905 devices @boot2k3 reported.

So no more overclocking on odroid C2 then?
If it is it’s really said i love my C2 because the overclocking really helps and very notcieable on this device.

Any chance to get overclocking back?

We can’t add the patch back in it’s current form because it causes problems for other devices.

We need to add some code to read the device tree and look to see if it matches the C2 before we can re-add it.

On a side note these things are really not healthy for your device :yum:

May I ask what the benefit of overclock is? What you use it for. I tried it once bit it works the same for my general kodi usage.C2 works perfect for me without. Just curious. Bitcoin mining ;)?

I think wrxtasy would disagree that overclocking the cpu and gpu isn’t useful:

“An CPU & GPU Overclocked C2 running CoreELEC from eMMC flash and using a USB mini dongle wireless remote and Gigabit Ethernet is the fastest 4K SDR Kodi Leia device in the AMLogic arsenal.”

The cpu overclock makes netflix 720p playback seem smoother to me, though it could just be placebo.

Is the issue that whatever generates the various uboot files in the 3rdparty/bootloader folder doesn’t know to apply things to just the Odroid C2 uboot?

All the different S905 devices were unified, and instead of doing 4 separate builds for each device, we now only do 1 build for S905 which produces all the install images + a single update tar. It’s the same for S912.

This makes it possible to create all 6 images in about 33% of the time it used to. It also requires much less resources on the build machine. Each build folder usually ends up at over 25GB, so instead of 6 build folders, we now can only have 2.

We’re going to look into bringing this patch back for the Odroid C2, I don’t believe it’d be that difficult to make it happen. But it’ll take time for us to get to it, as it’s not top priority right now.
In addition, a big improvement was just added today to the performance of 720P SW decoding and playback. It’s very likely that OC won’t be necessary for a smooth 720P playback from Netflix, give the next nightly build a shot.

No worries. For now I can replace uboot with a version that supports overclock after doing an update.

I just took the latest c2 uboot from Libreelec and used dd to write it to my emmc. It works for now and allows overclock.

I’ve just fixed it, it will be in tomorrows nightly the changes.

I hoped to get your experience not wrxtasy’s opinion ;).
Anyway for 720p NF playback there was some SW decode improvement lately in Kodi so this should no longer be required. Technically speaking OC makes the device faster I just doubt that there is real life benefit in CoreELEC Kodi unless you run some CPU intensive apps in the background or some heavy skins.

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Thnx mate really appreciate!

I tried the Odroid_C2_u-boot from CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-nightly_20190131.tar and the max frequency is still 1536. Reverting back to the uboot from Libreelec allows 1752 again. I’ve been using these commands to write uboot onto the emmc:

dd if=Odroid_C2_u-boot of=/dev/mmcblk0 conv=fsync bs=1 count=112 status=none
dd if=Odroid_C2_u-boot of=/dev/mmcblk0 conv=fsync bs=512 skip=1 seek=1 status=none

@zaphod24 as I said in my previous message, you will have to wait for the next nightly image.

You also have to add max_freq='1752' to your config.ini.