CSA93 Amligic S912 remote.conf

Can anyone give me a working remote.conf file please. Since upgrading from Libreelec (Kodi 17) to Coreelec (kodi 18 beta 3) I’ve lost my remote control functions. Also cant SSH into the box anymore “connection refused”

Its a CSA93 Amlogic S913 Player and yes i did use the correct dtb.img when i did the upgrade.

Did you take a look at this thread?

CE doesn’t use remote.conf, so very doubtful :wink:

If you updated from LE without a fresh install or used an LE Backup to fresh CE Install ?
Try libreelec for password ssh. Happened to me wayback whenever.

Thanks Will try do do a fresh install, yes i did use a LE backup so that might be the reason.

Tried Keymapper also but doesnt even pick the signal from the remote up so i’m thinking it might be a IR receiver driver rather than the remote itself.

@kostaman is referring to the fact that if you ‘update’ from LE instead of starting afresh with CE, as is advised, then your SSH password will be libreelec and not coreelec .

Your remote will not work until you find or create the correct configuration files for it (which is not remote.conf). You need to do a little bit more reading, for example try @relkai’s suggestion:

or here