Deletion of files

I was wondering for a while now, have my movie files in separate folder.
When i delete file from kodi library and choose delete from disk too, the movie is deleted but nfo or srt stil there.
Why not the whole folder? or ask for it?
Now i have a disk with empty movie folders.
To clean disks with empty folders takes a lot of time…

What do you mean by ‘map’?

When you delete a video file, only that file is deleted because there is no linkage to nfo or srt files in terms of file management.

I’m not aware of any setting that does link them although it might be worth making a request to the Kodi team as it could be useful in order to streamline file management.

You an either delete the associated files every time you delete the video file using the internal File Manager, an external utility such as WinSCP or by creating a network link from your external PC.

Srry, meant folder…
Thnx i wil look into winscp.
For now, will use the internal fil manager.

Found a answer at, as why not delete a whole map…
…Because majority of the ppl has their librairy in one folder…

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