Device tree

Please can you add in your device tree for Tanix TX8 people can install the gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb

this can help some


Use this: gxm_q200_2g.dtb or gxm_q201_2g_1gbit.dtb, one of them will work.

Yes thanks I know but there is plenty of different box in device tree download links but there is nothing for TX8 I just want to ask if its possible to add this reference for the Tanix TX8 box … ? for now I use the minix gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb tree and it work very good since one month without any issue

Nothing specific in that box, if works no need to add new device tree. Use the generic one. gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb is for minix neo u9-h because is a specific device which has RTC, mic. and headphone output for ex.

ok thanks for explanations… in my opinion it is usefull if the TX8 Tanix box is listed in device tree but I understand your point…