Different Audio Levels

Hi all,

Odroid N2 with CE 19.3.

I have an HDHR and I’m using it with TVH using IPTV and it’s been great. Some channels broadcast in MPEG-2 while others, usually the HD Channels, in MPEG-4.

Recently the MPEG-2 Channels have a much, I mean a lot, reduced volume compared to the MPEG-4 channels.

When using the HDHR Software on Windows 11 there is no such volume reduction.

Any ideas why I’m seeing the reduced volume on CE?



Below is the dispinfo output for a “normal” volume channel and a “reduced” volume channel.

Normal volume HD Channel - http://ix.io/4iuv
Low volume SD Channel - http://ix.io/4iux

Hope it helps.

Hi all,

Found the solution. The volume on the N2 (CE) was set about halfway. Increased it to 100% and now all good. Don’t understand how it effected some TV channels (SD vs HD), but maybe someone can explain.


Then you have maybe some passthrough disabled?
If not passthrough the Kodi volume is applied, if passthrough the Kodi volume is not applied, only TV or AVR do control volume

Thanks for your reply.

Does anything here look wrong?

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