Difficulty applying optimal settings for remote

I’ve been trying to set these settings like 50 times:

ir-keytable -D 100 -P 150

ir-ctl 25000

I’m trying to save this in autostart.sh but CoreELEC seems to ignore those settings after reboot.
How can I permanently set above values?

This whole remote case is ridiculous. Why fix something that wasn’t broken.
Remotes worked perfectly with Krypton. Now there are only problems. There is no chance to set remote to be so responsive as in Krypton builds.

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Do you use remote in keyboard mode(with longpress)?

I don’t know. I don’t think so. I didn’t change anything. Fresh CoreELEC installation with proper dtb.
How can I check it and eventually change it?
I just want the remote to be as precise and snappy as in Jarvis and Krypton builds.
My box is Tanix TX5 Pro.
According to CoreELEC this box comes with configured remote.
Well, it this lagging means ‘configured’ then new, ‘better’ remote control handling is a disaster.
It’s completely incomprehensible for normal user and setting new remote from scratch is just unclear and needs better tutorial for normal non IT people.
I was also trying to create new remote with no success.

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“Normal non IT people” normally don’t use experimental third party software in heavy development.


It can be quite frustrating when we don’t have enough knowledge to instantly make everything work as we would like, I agree.
The tutorials available are perfectly comprehensible for those that invest a little time and effort into learning how to accomplish tasks that they are currently unable to. Nobody knows how to do this stuff until they learn.
There are also, undoubtedly, others with the same remote that have done the hard work and posted the end result for others to download, you need search for them.