Dim and turn off screen savers do not work properly when video is paused

Maybe someone can help me here. I have a TCL tv with a CEC conection to a Nexbox A95X (s905x).
I am on coreelec version 9.2.1.

If I set the screen saver to dim (it does not dim at any % just turns off) or set Turn off via CEC with no video playing, the TV will turn off after the allotted time passes.
If I press the preview button in the screensaver settings, the TV will also turn off with either screen saver.

However if I have a video paused, the TV never turns off.

Under Turn off, I have tried “Use dim if paused during video playback” option enabled and disabled with no change either way.

Turn off used to work on previous version if I selected CEC as the method, and had the dim option disabled.

I can live with Dim not dimming, and just turning off if it did that while videos were playing.

Black screen saver does seem to work as expected while a video is paused. Unfortunately it does not turn off the tv if the video is paused. It does turn off the TV when I press the preview button or after the allotted time has passed which is kind of odd also.

Anyone have a suggestion of what I could try?

I tried the most recently nightly, and I still can not get the turn off screensaver to work.
Any ideas anyone?