Disable Power Button

I’ve got a fairly generic 905x box running 9.0.1 and I have a Rii 2.4ghz remote with a USB dongle.

The big problem is the power button on the remote immediately powers off the box but also won’t turn it back on. I have to unplug the power, and plug it back in for the box to come back on.

Only your original box’s remote can power on the box, OR a remote with learning ability.

Check if your Rii has any special buttons that can be customized to learn your original remote’s power signal?

If you only want to Disable the power button, maybe you can try installing the Keymap addon and using it to disable the power command

Which Rii is it ?

It’s the Rii Fly Mouse 2.4G MX6.
I don’t really care about turning it on. Just keep it from getting turned off and needing manual intervention.

It really hurts the WAF

I’ll check out the keymap addon.

IIRC there is no option to turn-on button in keymap addon. It needs IR command to turn ON.
You have 2 options for turning the box on -> original remote, or universal remote on which you copy IR command from original remote.
That’s what I use with my Harmony 650 which I use along with my Rii 8 mini keyboard

Actually he said he doesn’t mind not being able to power on.
He said he only wants to disable the power off button

It possible to reassign this button for shutdown menu for example
If this remote recognized as keyboard than upload this file in \\box_ip\Userdata\keymaps
keymaps.xml (120 Bytes)
if as remote, than this file
remote.xml (116 Bytes)

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Thank you @boot2k3 this is exactly what I needed for my remote! I just want to mention to reboot the box once you placed the file.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue in 2021? I’m running coreelec 9 on an ordroid n2, and when my Harmony Elite sends the power toggle button (which I can’t make it not do in some situations), it fires the lirc command for KEY_POWER and the device shuts off, requiring me to unplug/plug it back in.

Did you tried solution from previous post?